Definition of slurb in English:



  • An area of unplanned, poorly constructed suburban development.

    ‘many visitors leave with the image of the region being a land of sprawling slurbs jammed with millions of people’
    • ‘It's one of those towns that has a slurb around it.’
    • ‘Many parts of this city turned into a slurb.’
    • ‘People have to go where the jobs are, and we all end up squashed into a slurb.’
    • ‘But millions of others make that daily commute to the city from their 5,000-square-foot mini-mansions in the "slurbs," deterred, at the moment, only by traffic and the time it takes to get home.’
    • ‘Many out-of-state visitors travelling through the Delta area leave with the image of the region being a land of asphalt-covered, Formica-Modern, sprawling 'slurbs' jammed with millions of people.’
    • ‘Ten years later, the civil crises threw the human floodgate open and overwhelmed the city and its slurbs.’
    • ‘Southern California's done its best to compound the damage by turning historic wildfire corridors into housing tracts, wetlands into marinas, flood plains into slurbs and deserts into parking lots.’
    • ‘The myth of our intense 'urbanisation' is dispelled by the reality of the bleak homogeneity of the 'slurb'.’
    • ‘He explained why he was leaving the big city to return home to the Midwest. He missed the woods he played in as a child and lamented the way 'slurbs' had taken over the landscape.’
    • ‘Renfrew Avenue South East was in the slurbs, the swathe of suburban slums in the unincorporated areas of the county stretching inland from the southern tip of Lake Washington’





1960s apparently from sl- (as in sloppy, sleazy, or slovenly) + -urb (in urban), though later regarded as a blend of slum and suburb.