Definition of slurpy in English:



See slurp

‘A home-made coleslaw, full of organic vegetables and coated in unctuous mayonnaise, accompanies a baked potato admirably, the slurpy dressing removing the need for any added butter.’
  • ‘Now, I'm not against people over the age of 35 getting some action but these two were going for it: tongues, slurpy noises, blissful grins and snuggles and all.’
  • ‘Once you actually witness the event in its messy, slurpy, all-over-the place glory, the mystery has gone.’
  • ‘To reinforce what we learned about warm and cool colors, I asked my students to imagine biting into a rosy red apple, a section of juicy, ripe orange or taking a big, slurpy bite out of a piece of red watermelon.’
  • ‘For a second the dog hesitated, then as if compelled by a command, Rocky pounced on Kevin trailing his rough tongue all over his master's face in long slurpy licks.’