Definition of slurry in English:


Pronunciation /ˈslərē/ /ˈsləri/

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  • A semiliquid mixture, typically of fine particles of manure, cement, or coal suspended in water.

    ‘clay slurry’
    • ‘a slurry of ore and water’
    • ‘Rat-tailed maggot larvae may be found in drains, waste waters, liquid manure, slurry tanks or ditches.’
    • ‘Officials hurriedly put together advice on the disposal of disinfectants, manure, slurry and milk.’
    • ‘The other key element is that good practices must be followed when spreading slurry and chemical fertilizers.’
    • ‘Alternatively, a cement and perlite slurry can be pumped into the flue.’
    • ‘For farmyard manure and slurry the closed period runs from August to November.’
    • ‘The flue gas is passed through an aqueous limestone slurry containing formic acid.’
    • ‘Erosion is the wearing away or destruction of metals and other materials by the abrasive action of water, steam or slurries that carry abrasive materials.’
    • ‘Nutrients in fertiliser and slurry encourage aggressive species such as nettles and thistles at their expense.’
    • ‘Adding silage effluent to slurry greatly increases the level of poisonous hydrogen sulphide gas produced.’
    • ‘According to Paul these produce less slurry and methane gas per acre.’
    • ‘The tankers are capable of sucking out waste, sludge, and slurry from a depth of eight metres in absolutely no time.’
    • ‘Farmers, in particular, have been urged to be careful where and when they apply slurry and fertilisers.’
    • ‘Spring application will give the best utilisation of nitrogen in slurry.’
    • ‘Mud and slurry cover the site at the moment and staff are keeping the remaining dogs out until the threat of further flooding has subsided.’
    • ‘Instead of having to stock parts, dealers could just have a tank of soybean slurry and a couple of computer discs.’
    • ‘It is recommended to leave a week between slurry and fertilizer spreading.’
    • ‘Farms within a three-kilometre radius are now subject to strict rules on disinfection and the use of milk and of slurry.’
    • ‘The slurry was expected to enter the River Ouse in the next 24 hours when it will become so diluted it will be harmless.’
    • ‘Meanwhile silage vehicles and the discharge of slurry by jet spray will require specific licences to go on and off farms.’
    • ‘They then repeatedly washed a slurry of gold or semiconductor particles over the protein crystals.’
    mud, muck, mire, ooze, silt, alluvium, dirt, slime, slush, slurry


Late Middle English related to dialect slur ‘thin mud’, of unknown origin.