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slush fund

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  • A reserve of money used for illicit purposes, especially political bribery.

    ‘The board, which previously was under the control of the Ministry of Economic Reforms, has functioned as a slush fund for dispensing political favours.’
    • ‘The government has been accused of setting up a political slush fund at the expense of communities in need in Kerry and elsewhere.’
    • ‘He had this idea of the Social Entrepreneur Fund, which turned into a slush fund for all sorts of mad schemes.’
    • ‘Now we learn that there have been little or no improvements to an EU-wide budget that appears to be operated like a slush fund for pet political projects.’
    • ‘But after the ‘special autonomy’ law allowed the provincial government to keep a high percentage of locally generated oil and gas revenues, the windfall turned into a slush fund for the local political elite.’
    • ‘The appeal to the childhood home is that it can add money to your slush fund, but the gain is so minimal - if you get a gain at all - that's it's not really worth the effort.’
    • ‘However, the larger purpose of the fund, forecast to grow to $140 billion by 2020, is to create a giant slush fund for investment on stock exchanges.’
    • ‘Where is the incentive for institutions to adhere to the rules if they know that a slush fund exists, which will grow bigger each year, to bail them out if they go under?’
    • ‘This will never be a fund that is at the whim of any Minister of Finance to use as a slush fund for things like silly ‘think big’ projects.’
    • ‘I simply say that, surely, no board can operate with a slush fund.’
    • ‘This vote is not supposed to be a slush fund for all and sundry.’
    • ‘We have heard all the intellectual debate from the over-endowed academia and those who live off the slush fund.’
    • ‘We do not have a slush fund with which to buy a whole lot of property.’
    • ‘He was a key player in a very big political machine and he was managing a slush fund.’
    • ‘He said: ‘This is a council slush fund to reward failure.’’
    • ‘Isn't it strange that when New Labour wants to embark on a bit of imperialist warmongering it can discover a special contingency slush fund with unlimited resources running into billions of pounds?’
    • ‘The guidance in this budget document is as vague as the phrase ‘war on terror’, thus leading Kaplan to criticize the budget sections as a slush fund.’
    • ‘Surely, this is a clear warning of the resumption of the infamous slush fund returning to State House!’
    • ‘It's good to know our money is not merely disappearing into a slush fund somewhere.’
    • ‘Today, extracting cash from homes has become a great hidden slush fund supporting current levels of consumer spending and, therefore, the American economy generally.’
    payment, payout, reward, recompense, consideration


slush fund

/ˈsləSH ˌfənd/ /ˈsləʃ ˌfənd/


Mid 19th century originally nautical slang denoting money collected to buy luxuries, from the sale of watery food known as slush.