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‘He can pull a prank with craftiness and slyness, so cunningly that even the heroes of war would not be able to spot it.’
  • ‘He seems to know all the possible ways one might lie-with craftiness, slyness, deception.’
  • ‘‘The slyness was a horrible moral and personal version of spots,’ he says, ‘and I think I just grew out of it in a strange way.’’
  • ‘He was often accused of political intractability, a lack of imperativeness, too great a readiness to take clairvoyants seriously, and excessive slyness.’
  • ‘And there's more, quite a lot, actually, starting with the boy's transparent slyness.’
  • ‘He was often accused of political intractability, lack of imperativeness and excessive slyness.’



/ˈslīnəs/ /ˈslaɪnəs/