Definition of small-boned in English:


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  • (of a person or animal) of smaller than average build.

    ‘a delicate, small-boned young woman’
    • ‘If you're small-boned or if you prefer a close fit, choose the smaller size when between pattern sizes.’
    • ‘I'm of average height/weight but small-boned and curvy.’
    • ‘Naturally small-boned, Woods was relatively frail at 155 pounds when he joined the tour in 1996.’
    • ‘The skinny, small-boned teenager was introverted and shy, but he managed to overcome this through weight training.’
    • ‘Small-boned, thin women (under 125 pounds) are at greater risk.’
    • ‘All the time he flits like a bird, small-boned and wiry, his voice a soft, hypnotic chant.’
    • ‘Small-boned, with a shock of crinkly blonde hair and a throaty, mischievous laugh, Nina Fonaroff was one of a nucleus of adventuresome, mid-twentieth century American choreographers.’
    • ‘He was small-boned, dapper, his power of stroke deriving from strong wrists and an exquisite sense of timing.’
    • ‘The black cattle uniformly consist of an ill-shaped, small-boned breed of the Highland species.’