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  • 1Denoting a firearm with a narrow bore, in international and Olympic shooting generally .22 inch caliber.

    ‘For the past 40 years, these guns have completely dominated the Olympic Games and other international small-bore rifle competition.’
    • ‘He established his own company, specializing in small-bore pistols plus the occasional rifle, and has been busy ever since.’
    • ‘After all, it happened for small-bore shooting, so why not for an activity in which competitors go in off the 10-metre board and, after impact, report terrible stinging and reddening in the buttock region?’
    • ‘In time, I predict it will dominate small-bore rifle and handgun competition if it is permitted under the rules of the game.’
    • ‘It is the venue for regular summer competitions, for different classes of weapons, including small-bore rifles.’
    • ‘The police reported D.K., also aged 16, was showing a small-bore pistol to his classmate and pressed the trigger inadvertently.’
    • ‘On top of these were flower displays, fishing and small-bore rifle shooting, not to mention rows and rows of trade and craft stalls and, of course, plenty to eat and drink.’
    • ‘In fact, it's a marathon and many sprints, not to mention numerous bike rides, a whole bunch of weightlifting, a batch of hockey matches, several days of small-bore shooting and some canoe slalom.’
    • ‘Young women were abjuring the joys of small-bore shooting on TV.’
    • ‘Something approaching despair overcomes you when a solemn debate over the health of British society is sparked by the failure to achieve a bronze in small-bore shooting.’
    • ‘He is part of a team of four competing in the small-bore .22 rifle and .177 air rifle events.’
    • ‘Now, for the first time, handgun manufacturers began offering hot, small-bore centerfire cartridges for small game and varmints.’
    • ‘Country pursuits on offer include sheep-racing, woodcarving with chainsaws, small-bore rifle-shooting, wool-spinning, bee demonstrations, candle-making and ferret-racing.’
    • ‘If you compare cylinder-head airflow on a small-bore test fixture and on a large-bore fixture, the bigger bore will almost invariably improve airflow due to less valve shrouding.’
    • ‘A longtime standard loading for this 19 th-century small-bore cartridge has been a 115 gr. gas checked bullet over 5.0 grs. of Unique for right at 1,000 fps from a Colt Single Action Army or replica.’
    • ‘The ground-breaking Mle 1886 Lebel introduced the French 8x51 mmR cartridge, the first small-bore, smokeless-powder cartridge adopted by any army in the world.’
    • ‘As a left-handed shooter, I have often encouraged several arms manufacturers to produce small-bore, left-hand bolt actions, not surprisingly, with little success.’
    • ‘Lt. Col. Rubin's contribution was the design of a small-bore cartridge featuring a jacketed, lead core bullet.’
    • ‘The Kingston team is being organised by the Surbiton Postal Club and any small-bore shooters who would like to be considered for the team should call the club secretary.’
    • ‘The.32 Mag. cartridge fits the Bisley to a ‘T’, making it the ultimate in small-bore single actions.’
    1. 1.1North American informal Trivial; unimportant.
      • ‘small-bore economic issues’
      • ‘They were somewhat contemptuous of the small-bore, mayoral approach of the Clinton administration in his second term.’
      • ‘That's so delightfully brazen - and small-bore, given that the kid is gonna drive 1,500 miles across the country - that I think I might actually donate 10 bucks.’
      • ‘And so I do think there's some risk, if he seems to be moving toward things that are popular and small-bore, as opposed to being more visionary, because he did have a very kind of big-picture plan that he laid out last year in the campaign.’
      • ‘I committed what Catholics call a ‘venial sin,’ a small-bore, not-too-important, micro-sin.’
      • ‘The company said that most new investment has gone into trucks, mining equipment, and other small-bore improvements.’
      • ‘Surprisingly, after his cannonade of criticism, Kramer's book offers only small-bore recommendations, ‘modest’ by his own admission.’
      • ‘It is possible that over time the accumulation of small-bore changes will yield a force that deserves to be characterized as transformed.’
      • ‘He's using small-bore measures aimed at protecting selected industries.’
      • ‘Or was his presidency just a series of transient, small-bore initiatives overshadowed by his impeachment?’
      • ‘The painstaking, even ritualistic nature of making big things in a small-bore way is not new to Webster, who once shaped 6 cubic yards of compost into a perfect cone with a paintbrush.’
      • ‘He became the maestro of the Clinton small-bore policy proposals (school uniforms, etc.) that greased his re-election in 1996.’
      • ‘There's been no sign at all that he's interested in the long, hard slog of ‘economic reform, trade, exchange programs, legal and educational advances, and hundreds of such small-bore efforts.’’
      unimportant, insignificant, inconsequential, minor, of little account, of no account, of little consequence, of no consequence, of little importance, of no importance, not worth bothering about, not worth mentioning



/ˈsmôl ˌbôr/ /ˈsmɔl ˌbɔr/