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  • Having or showing rigid opinions or a narrow outlook; petty.

    ‘my family are small-minded provincials’
    • ‘I mean, if this were Wales say, or Scotland, I dare say I could rabbit away about small-minded, provincial parochialism.’
    • ‘Every once in a blue moon, something will come along that is so immediately affecting and amazing that our usual sarcasm-laced tone just seems petty and small-minded.’
    • ‘That was not the action of a small-minded or petty individual.’
    • ‘Even in the advertising industry, it seems that you have to show small-minded, petty acts of vandalism to get noticed.’
    • ‘This is to be welcomed because it marks a setback for the backward-looking and small-minded, illiberal and anti-democratic outlook that has come to define the radical rump.’
    • ‘By 1978, however, he was gone, eased out by the small-minded, petty individuals who dominated the club's board at the time.’
    • ‘Let the good that he did live after him, and the evil be interred with the petty theses of small-minded philosophers.’
    • ‘He plans his escape from the provincial small-minded perceptions of the immediate community.’
    • ‘It is past time for us to leave behind our small-minded insularity and recognize that we are moving into a world in which we will have to learn to live with and respect people who are different from us.’
    • ‘But Gardaí who criticise the book are being small-minded and short-sighted.’
    • ‘But it sounded very parochial, very small-minded, very irrelevant.’
    • ‘Thus there are some signs that we might get a week of eloquent dispute as opposed to small-minded and parochial bickering.’
    • ‘My friend was worried about the way this film would play for a small-minded and bigoted audience.’
    • ‘Think of how grey, introverted, small-minded and parochial Scotland can sometimes be.’
    • ‘To think, or act, otherwise is to be as small-minded and as bigoted as those you many complain about.’
    • ‘As payback, this trashy movie treats them as small-minded provincials.’
    • ‘Post-Civil-War America therefore seemed to exhibit the worst kind of small-minded, lacklustre parochialism, but it had coupled it with a loutish popularism.’
    • ‘There are times when such enclaves are small-minded, doctrinaire, judgmental, and prejudiced to the extreme.’
    • ‘For while the political implications are indeed large, the tactics employed by both sides have been depressingly small-minded.’
    • ‘This approach, while not pretty, has been effective; yet it is a mean, small-minded strategy crafted for placid times.’
    narrow-minded, petty-minded, petty, mean, mean-spirited, mean-minded, uncharitable, ungenerous, grudging, close-minded, short-sighted, myopic, blinkered, inward-looking, narrow, conventional, unimaginative, parochial, provincial, insular, small-town, localist
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/ˈsmôlˌmīndəd/ /ˈsmɔlˌmaɪndəd/