Definition of small-mindedly in English:



See small-minded

‘But who is standing up to our MPs as they hack, small-mindedly, in different ways, at our freedom?’
  • ‘Ignore the cries of those who would small-mindedly label you a bar geek and think of the benefits that being a member of this association has for you as a lawyer, regardless of your specialty.’
  • ‘Both agree that one should simply celebrate the fact that there are books without small-mindedly picking apart those one dislikes, especially in public or, worst of all, in print.’
  • ‘In Washington, the Federal Government small-mindedly insisted that, no, public parkland could not be offered as collateral for mortgage guarantees.’
  • ‘You small-mindedly assume that without the governance of an imaginary sky cop, a person will just naturally fall into self-serving, pleasure-seeking, negative behaviour.’