Definition of small-mindedness in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsmôl ˈmīndidnis/ /ˌsmɔl ˈmaɪndɪdnɪs/

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‘As one who has gorged himself on Mencken, I can sympathize with the biographers who rushed in to appraise Mencken's life and then turned away, disgusted by his cruelty, small-mindedness, and transparent bigotry.’
  • ‘The players here may be more ‘decent’, may be older and more female, but the small-mindedness and pettiness is the same.’
  • ‘This kind of small-mindedness and intolerance is what keeps people like the two of you from learning anything.’
  • ‘I went to collect my ordered cocktail patties this evening and was faced again with the ignorance and small-mindedness that permeates the society.’
  • ‘Their bitterness is based on envy and small-mindedness.’