Definition of small-sword in English:



mainly historical
  • A light, tapering thrusting sword used for fencing or dueling.

    ‘Light cavalry carried a small sword and two or three javelins while the heavy force was equipped with scimitar, mace and a 4 meter lance.’
    • ‘This is the list as supplied by Kanwar, the author of the Tazkrah: 1,000 swords, 217 small swords, 114 daggers, 278 shields, 173 bows, and 180 rifles.’
    • ‘The opening small sword duel alone makes it worth seeing.’
    • ‘They were various weapons, including small swords, bows and arrows, hand axes, flails, nunchakus, and even a three sectional staff.’
    • ‘‘Too late,’ he retorted as he threw a small sword that resembled a katana to her.’
    • ‘By the 17th Century the French had started to document the science of the small sword.’



/ˈsmôlˌsôrd/ /ˈsmɔlˌsɔrd/