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small claims court

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  • A local court in which claims for small sums of money can be heard and decided quickly and cheaply, without legal representation.

    ‘Hundreds of years ago manorial courts acted as local parliaments, small claims courts and land registry.’
    • ‘If the period is longer than three months then you have lost the right to a tribunal, however you can claim through the small claims court which has the power to go back six years.’
    • ‘If all this fails to inspire them to act, you may have to resort to the legal system through the small claims court or other redress.’
    • ‘You can go to the small claims court to claim up to £5,000 in England and Wales, £2,000 in Northern Ireland and £750 in Scotland.’
    • ‘The couple were each owed £165 and after waiting since February, Mr Morrison said he thought he would have to take Mr Montgomery to the small claims court to recover their money.’
    • ‘I think that in order to make a good judgment, especially in a court like the family court or even a court like the small claims court where I now preside you have to listen.’
    • ‘He did eventually get his £117.50 back membership fee back - but only after he took his claim to the small claims court.’
    • ‘Should their car need remedial work, depending on the fault and age of vehicle, they may be able to claim through the small claims court.’
    • ‘Tribunals retain a degree of impartiality and frequently operate as specialist small claims courts, but are better suited to the needs of administration, as they are less encumbered by procedure and not strictly bound by precedent.’
    • ‘One victim, Gilbert McDonald, is so angry he is using the small claims court to sue the person who took his money off him.’


small claims court

/ˌsmôl ˈklāmz ˌkôrt/ /ˌsmɔl ˈkleɪmz ˌkɔrt/