Definition of small letter in English:

small letter

Pronunciation /smôl ˈledər/ /smɔl ˈlɛdər/

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  • A lowercase letter, as distinct from a capital letter.

    ‘There is also no differentiation between capital letters and small letters in Tamil.’
    • ‘The written and printed form of English has two interlocking systems of letters: large letters, known variously as capitals, upper-case letters, majuscules, and small letters, or lower-case letters, minuscules.’
    • ‘The second rule: you should use a mix of at least three of these four things: small letters, capital letters, numbers, and symbols.’
    • ‘Capital letters and small letters indicate exon and intron sequences, respectively.’
    • ‘For example, at the start of the game, both Kings are on the same file. Files are lettered with small letters: a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h.’
    • ‘Your password is the small letter a as in apple, a capital letter V as in Victor, the number 7.’
    • ‘Or did they miss the English lesson where the teacher tells you not to put capitals and small letters in the middle of the same word.’
    • ‘If you're using the term to refer to someone in terms of the religious group to which he or she belongs, then you still use the same spoken word - but it's written with a small letter.’
    • ‘Capital letters in the primers represent one sequence, while small letters represent another.’
    • ‘Everybody worries about that just now - they worry about punctuation and capitals and small letters and what history is.’
    • ‘With your black marker, fill up the space with lines, polka dots, even small letters and numbers.’
    • ‘Create two slideshows, one consisting of the small letters of the alphabet, one in capitals.’
    • ‘Like the government's horses, the bison received a ‘U.S.’ brand on the left hip in large letters and one on the horns in small letters.’
    • ‘The blocks are wrapped in white, and they say, ‘LARD'. And in small letters, ‘suitable for various uses.’’
    • ‘He's got the shoes-without-socks look just right and similarly, his monogrammed shirt - ‘DJ’ is stitched in small letters on the left collar - should be poncy but isn't.’
    • ‘The study of alphabet, all in small letters, is started in a simple way, says Sunitha Gupta, the Headmistress.’
    • ‘Although letter detection in general seemed to be better for capitalized letters, we observed also a typical missing-letter effect at the beginning of a sentence in the distorted version, in which all words began with small letters.’
    • ‘The contraries may be represented by not-A, not-B, &c., but I shall usually prefer to denote them by the small letters a, b, &c.’
    • ‘The translated regions are in small letters and the start codon and the stop codons are in boldface and underlined.’
    • ‘The object, flying at a height of 7 kilometers, looked like a small letter L without the loop.’