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  • Unimportant; minor.

    • ‘a small-time gangster’
    • ‘The crooks range from small-time gangsters to big-time drug traffickers and international terrorists.’
    • ‘Ten years later, Rikidozan was killed by a small-time gangster, with a tanto, in a bar.’
    • ‘But Michael Rebell was never the small-time lawyer, with only a desk and a shingle, that some made him out to be.’
    • ‘After an uninspiring university life he worked as a small-time suburban solicitor who lived with his mother until he was thirty-two.’
    • ‘The book was to show how corporations and small-time bureaucrats conspire to sell out the people they purport to represent.’
    • ‘For sheer want of manpower, violators go untraced and consequently a summons is never served for small-time traffic violations.’
    • ‘Back in the day, Great Britain used to make and unmake small-time countries like Greece with one hand tied behind its back.’
    • ‘The industry sweepstakes are pegged with four major players at the top, two medium-scale ones and a few small-time operators.’
    • ‘He was a small-time farmer, who loved animals and the land.’
    • ‘The jury at Preston Crown Court had been told how small-time drug dealer Mr Barnshaw had been beaten and doused in petrol and set alight after being kidnapped.’
    • ‘A clutch of kings, small-time rulers and chieftains invaded your home, dazzling garments and heavy jewellery in tow.’
    • ‘But Pitt's six-year reign as a small-time godfather in south Manchester came to an end last year when he was jailed for life for murder.’
    • ‘The boys are suitably impressed, and when Sanjay asks them to work for him, turning their small-time racket into a bigger operation, they agree.’
    • ‘First came a rumor about Kerry, then a small-time blogger wrote about it, and his posting was read by journalists.’
    • ‘They were ‘just small-time crooks who thought they were a lot bigger than they were’, according to Richardson.’
    • ‘Gina is your softer-featured Calvin, a small-time stylist who's just trying to make it in a world full of headaches.’
    • ‘In the movie, he's a small-time interviewer from a small-time station.’
    • ‘And what can small-time stations and local radio networks learn from their examples?’
    • ‘No one questioned what a small-time dealer would be doing with rockets.’
    • ‘It is a cynical look at small-time academia, and it was really completely beneath the station of someone like Qian to have written it.’
    minor, small-scale, small, kitchen table
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/ˈsmôl ˈˌtīm/ /ˈsmɔl ˈˌtaɪm/