Definition of smallmouth in English:



North American
  • The smallmouth bass.

    ‘An important sport fish throughout its range, the smallmouth is almost as popular as the largemouth bass.’
    • ‘Still, the exact cause of the sex-changed South Branch smallmouths remains unclear.’
    • ‘It was a tough trip, but the fishing was outstanding - smallmouths to 3 pounds, largemouths and lots of sunfish.’
    • ‘Though many black bass varieties are of local importance, only the largemouth, smallmouth, and striped bass retain a true commercial value.’
    • ‘Records are not clear as to whether the second aquarium car brought largemouth or smallmouth black bass to California.’
    • ‘The streams and rivers offer excellent fly fishing for trout and bass; hook a smallmouth on a six weight rod and you're having fun.’
    • ‘Trout tactics, such as nymphing, swinging streamers and even dry flies, will take feisty smallmouths.’
    • ‘However, with the coloration they've given him, he could be a smallmouth, too.’
    • ‘Duke also points out that freshwater black bass, the familiar largemouth and smallmouth, are found in 49 of the 50 states.’
    • ‘Shiner surfperch have a strongly compressed, elongate, rather deep body, an upward slanting smallmouth, relatively large eyes, and a single continuous dorsal fin with slightly longer spines than the soft rays.’
    • ‘The upper jaw extends past the golden eye and in smallmouth this is not true.’
    • ‘Duane Dostie sends a photo of his personal best smallmouth.’
    • ‘My neighbor Cory and I had spent the afternoon fishing for smallmouth on the Mississippi River.’
    • ‘These pools as well as the deeper water areas of the sedge meadow provide breeding habitat for chorus frogs, spring peepers, and smallmouth.’



/ˈsmôlˌmouTH/ /ˈsmɔlˌmaʊθ/