Definition of smarminess in English:




See smarmy

  • ‘When she got home and switched on the TV, however, she found Al's audible substance diminished by his visible smarminess.’
  • ‘But is anyone else finding the self-congratulatory smarminess of their fellow Australians as repulsive as I am?’
  • ‘But setting his smarminess aside, the accuracy of his riff on Berger is actually apropos of the rest of his remarks.’
  • ‘You can't help but be engaged by the singer's growly, smoker's lung delivery or the band's all around smarminess.’
  • ‘The two meet at a cocktail party where Tomlinson comes on strong, but has the pretty-boy good looks to float a smarminess that would earn your average guy an old fashioned slap in the face.’