Definition of smart-mouthed in English:



informal North American

See smart mouth

‘After only 20-odd pages of this 300-plus page travelogue I wondered if Kalder was spoofing, making up his whole jocular, smart-mouthed journey across out-of-this-world terrain.’
  • ‘The most exciting part of the night came shortly after the third pub, when I got involved in a minor dust-up with a smart-mouthed, chemically enhanced nightclub patron.’
  • ‘This was her way, she writes, of reassuring him that his smart-mouthed daughter was still there.’
  • ‘No trick fancy contorted smart-mouthed smirking replies, but frank and open answers!’
  • ‘In my opinion, he's a smart-mouthed, wise ass with an incredible ego.’
  • ‘Yet, in suitably indie style, the film skewers classic holiday traditions such as the rampant commercialism which surrounds this time of the year, smart-mouthed mall rugrats and Santa's saintly image.’