Definition of smartly in English:



  • 1In an attractively neat and stylish manner.

    ‘he was dressed smartly in his suit’
    ‘the men were smartly groomed’
    • ‘A lean man, smartly dressed, wearing shades, hovers menacingly.’
    • ‘In almost every shot, they wear their power and privilege as comfortably as their smartly tailored clothes.’
    • ‘The two sisters are dressed in elegant designer clothes, and we first see their boyfriends in smartly tailored business suits.’
    • ‘We were encouraged to expect, come hell or high water, ranks of smartly dressed sailors arrayed on the flight deck of the carrier, bathed in blue light.’
    • ‘A tuxedoed pianist plays soft jazz to entertain the smartly dressed clientele that occasionally drift in.’
    • ‘The beautiful blushing bride and smartly attired groom stole the show in what was a great day and night's entertainment.’
    • ‘Our luggage was borne by staff smartly garbed in period dress and elaborate boat-shaped headgear.’
    • ‘I can arrive at work, my hair smartly coiffed in place with a giant claw clip, bobby pins keeping any strays in place.’
    • ‘Smartly turned out in khaki uniform, the women kept pace with their male counterparts.’
    • ‘The bad girl is always smartly clothed and knows how to make people unhappy.’
    1. 1.1In a fashionable and upmarket style.
      ‘the restaurant is smartly decorated’
      ‘the smartly furnished house’
      • ‘In the centre of the canvas, a smartly decorated airplane with its angular bands of colour provides a metaphorical bridge between the two societies.’
      • ‘His photography is elegant and smartly framed, and the period detail looks right.’
      • ‘The building is smartly renovated and almost filled with tenants paying market-rate prices for New York–style lofts.’
      • ‘Packed smartly into a nice case, the whole bunch of hardware is sold for $1,699.’
      • ‘If you are looking for a computer that can sit smartly on a desk or kitchen table and go on the road occasionally, you should consider this model.’
      • ‘The room, once so bad they almost moved, was now a smartly redesigned embrace of sunshine that beckons all to sit and relax.’
      • ‘The windows are smartly dressed with valances that hide cornices on the exterior of the house.’
      • ‘Brighten your household chores with nifty looking, smartly coloured tools that might make the job a bit less tedious.’
      • ‘Living inside smartly decorated, beautiful interiors greatly improves one's quality of life, and the bathroom should be no exception.’
      • ‘They give a nod to the nautical in their Marine collection, smartly emblazoned with stripes and anchors, like this $38 butter dish.’
  • 2In a manner showing quick-witted intelligence or skill.

    ‘a smartly conceived menu’
    ‘the action sequences are smartly executed’
    • ‘Instead of churning out a subpar film, they smartly walked away from the project.’
    • ‘She smartly tapped Cukor to direct the screen version of The Philadelphia Story.’
    • ‘Included here is the original 'tearful' ending sequence that was smartly axed in favor of the revised ending.’
    • ‘Smartly, it gives you a little history lesson on 3D movies.’
    • ‘The proof lies in the way the story treads a fine line between goofy comedy and smartly written dialogue.’
    • ‘Smartly, the creators have not turned Mom into a one-joke character.’
    • ‘The concepts of family and need central to his ideas are so smartly expressed through the graphic images that nothing feels arbitrary.’
    • ‘Although it may be smartly scripted and ingeniously plotted, this is unapologetically a genre flick.’
    • ‘Now we must move ahead smartly.’
    • ‘I think he is smartly building an audience and will be around for a long time.’
  • 3In a quick or brisk manner.

    ‘we marched smartly to the main assembly hall’
    • ‘It's about walking together—forward and back, side to side—one stepping smartly, the other lumbering anxiously.’
    • ‘The romance scenes moved smartly, never lingering long enough to be physically painful.’
    • ‘We see a high school clarinetist marching smartly up and down the football field in perfect cadence with the others.’
    • ‘I sat up smartly, as if I'd thought of the idea myself.’
    • ‘At this juncture, we propose to designate this as one of those silly stories their spin doctors get themselves tied in knots over, leave them to it, and stroll smartly off.’
    • ‘Confronted with a fake doctor, one would ideally stride smartly off in the other direction.’
    • ‘When I was done packing, I went downstairs and rapped smartly on their front door.’
    • ‘She smartly backhanded him across the forehead, effectively shutting him up before he blew her cover.’
    • ‘As she reached the door, she turned smartly around and faced David.’
    • ‘I slapped them both smartly.’