Definition of smearer in English:



See smear

  • ‘I'm not sure whether Ali is annoyed more at the American anti-war mud-slingers and smearers who began the attacks on his blog or on those on the other side in Washington who took his brothers to see President Bush.’
  • ‘Lawyers for smearers have argued that it should be necessary for the criticised companies to prove damage before identities are revealed, but courts usually do not like defendants to be unidentified.’
  • ‘How do you track and identify these cyber smearers? When do you respond to attacks and when do you leave them alone?’
  • ‘Generally those individuals involved in Cybersmear have either worked for the targeted company or targeted person. We have found the smearers' motivations are either payment of money from someone who will benefit by the victim's demise, or the feeling of revenge against some perceived wrong.’