Definition of smeary in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsmirē/ /ˈsmɪri/

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See smear

‘And of course, a smeary, grotty sound that sounds like half of the dials are in the red with all the instruments merging at the edges has its own charms.’
  • ‘Like a toaster that spread the butter on before the toast popped up, or an iron that made the clothes smell nice. Miram wasn't very happy about the iron, it left smeary marks all over her favourite blouse.’
  • ‘The colours of the hills are sensational, the skies glint in a shifting palette of smeary lights; the seas are boisterous and thrilling, the pubs cosy and firelit.’
  • ‘Nothing spoils the savour of a good wine or takes the zing out of a gin and tonic like having it served in a smeary, bleary glass.’
  • ‘Although the picture is sharper and shows less speckling than the VHS release, throughout its running time it is plagued with smeary streaks; it actually looks as if it's being run through a projector.’