Definición de smell blood en Inglés

smell blood


  • Discern weakness or vulnerability in an opponent.

    ‘But it is the conservative opposition that is smelling blood as the Greek Socialists struggle desperately to avoid defeat next Sunday, forcing them out of office after more than 20 years of almost uninterrupted rule.’
    • ‘Oppositions always cry resign when they smell blood, merely because that's what Oppositions do.’
    • ‘The Tories will smell blood and be an effective opposition again at last.’
    • ‘But Hide enters the fray as soon as he smells blood on anyone.’
    • ‘He smells blood now, and he wants a clearer victory.’
    • ‘And, within hours of the first setback of his Ibrox management, they are thrown face-to-face with a Celtic side which smells blood.’
    • ‘His political adversaries are smelling blood.’
    • ‘Ignoring such figures would undoubtedly result in cabinet resignations as the likely leadership candidates, smelling blood, jockey for position.’
    • ‘They smelled blood against a Dundee side notoriously fragile whenever there is the first sign of trouble and, displaying a bite they suddenly started to hunt down their opponents.’
    • ‘But in both cases people from all quarters of the organizations smelled blood and came after leaders who they had long disliked.’