Definition of smidge in English:


Pronunciation /smij/ /smɪdʒ/


another term for smidgen
‘a smidge over five foot two’
  • ‘She wedged in the remaining smidge of an empty spot next to me, having just arrived to meet a girlfriend for a cocktail or three.’
  • ‘While the weight has dropped a smidge, to 6.5 oz., the iPAQ has gained its first internal storage slot, which uses the same memory cards used in Palms.’
  • ‘There was a pause, as we both finished up the now chocolate chip sundae with a smidge of ice cream, and stared over at the empty wrappers of our snacks; there was nothing left to eat.’
  • ‘There are minimal white blotches and a smidge of grain in the transfer, but the colors are not as vibrant as expected.’
  • ‘It's just a smidge after 7pm and I have been leaked the winners of tonight's ‘prestigious’ TV Week Logie Awards by an industry source.’