Definition of smoke concert in English:

smoke concert

(also smoke night)


  • An informal social occasion at which guests smoke and talk, often with light entertainment provided.

    ‘an impromptu smoke concert was held last night’
    • ‘A smoke night was held two days later, followed by a theatre party the next weekend.’
    • ‘They did their debriefing at the family hearth and at their smoke nights.’
    • ‘Those men met for monthly smoke nights, and occasional long winter evenings around the fire at home, telling stories, exchanging anecdotes.’
    • ‘At a smoke concert, Onslow's quintet for wind instruments was produced for the first time.’
    • ‘At a smoke concert of this society, 50 pounds of tobacco and £25 in cash were collected for the inmates.’
    • ‘The 40th anniversary of the association was celebrated by a smoke concert at the club on Saturday night.’
    • ‘The welcoming festivities were continued by a smoke concert in the Shire Hall.’
    • ‘The aerial party was entertained at a smoke concert at the North Gregory Hotel.’
    • ‘The convivial gatherings including the Saturday night smoke concerts of the Victorian artists.’
    • ‘They attended various sporting and entertainment events—boxing, racing, theatre, burlesque, smoke concerts.’