Definition of smoke tree in English:

smoke tree


  • A shrub or small tree of the cashew family that bears long feathery plumes of flowers, giving it a smoky appearance.

    Genus Cotinus, family Anacardiaceae: two species, the European C. coggygria, grown in North America as an ornamental, and the rare American C. obovatus

    • ‘The smoke tree, Cotinas Royal Purple, has leaves the same shade as the name implies, while Rhus typhina lacinate, the stag's horn sumach, with leaves of a fiery orange, is one of the cheapest and most attractive of autumn dazzlers.’
    • ‘Because Smoke Trees require relatively abundant water, they are often found along sandy or gravelly flats, arroyos and washes, often with Creosote Bush, from elevations below sea level to 1500 feet.’
    • ‘Smoke trees behave best in poor, rocky soil in full sun. Too much food and water spoils the plant and it becomes headstrong and hard to control.’