Definition of smokeeasy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsmōkˌēzē/ /ˈsmoʊkˌizi/


  • A private club, bar, or other place where smokers gather to avoid anti-smoking laws.

    ‘after work we sometimes light up at a smokeeasy in the neighborhood’
    • ‘The corner has a real Dutch feel, with the Dutch pancake house across the street, the flower shop next door specializing in Dutch tulips, and now, a marijuana smokeeasy.’
    • ‘Talk is going around about illegal "smokeeasies" popping up; certainly the enrollment in private clubs and groups like the American Legion will rise.’
    • ‘Just as we once had speakeasies, we will now have smokeeasies. There will be dingy little basement hideouts where people who want to will have a smoke.’


1990s on the pattern of speakeasy.



/ˈsmōkˌēzē/ /ˈsmoʊkˌizi/