Definition of smooth-running in English:



  • Operating or proceeding efficiently and without difficulties.

    ‘adequate preparation will decrease stress levels and make for a smooth-running show’
    ‘don't expect your home life to be smooth-running one hundred per cent of the time’
    • ‘They, too, only want to do what they feel is the minimum necessary for a smooth-running city.’
    • ‘Peterson works with trainees in units of about 50 platforms each, where interactivity is essential for smooth-running sessions in a stable learning environment.’
    • ‘An efficient police force, would, for Woods, produce a smooth-running, equally efficient society.’
    • ‘In other words, the dismissal was not much more than a blip in the otherwise smooth-running system of parliamentary democracy.’
    • ‘Each Guide is packed with ideas and inspiration for organising and promoting events with a comprehensive checklist for a smooth-running event.’
    • ‘The collaboration of scientist and editor was not always smooth-running.’
    • ‘It was one of the most smooth-running teams of people I have ever had the pleasure to work with.’
    • ‘Yet it was some time before an effective, smooth-running logistics service had evolved.’
    • ‘He developed a smooth-running constituency operation, ably assisted by his daughter, Norma, who is being groomed to succeed him in the next general election.’
    • ‘Newton was no mechanist and didn't see the universe as a smooth-running machine.’