Definition of smoothish in English:



See smooth

  • ‘The partial success of the euro - a smoothish cash launch, but with underlying economic problems and weakness in the markets - stands to leave Blair, Brown and Britain with an even tougher decision than before.’
  • ‘We could see from our own research that in the UK young people are listening less to radio than their parents, and it's in a kind of smoothish decline.’
  • ‘That round, smoothish surface indicates water was there present at one time.’
  • ‘I ride one of those hybrid bikes that is for road and cycle tracks. The tyres that came with the bike are CAMEL 700x42C. They are smoothish in the centre and more 'grippy' on the outside.’
  • ‘The whitish and smoothish sleepers are fairly new, while the darkish and roughish sleepers may be 10 years old. Wooden sleepers are not used where there are termites.’