Definition of smoothly in English:



  • 1In a smooth way.

    ‘the bust is smoothly carved in white marble’
    ‘traffic was soon flowing smoothly again’
    • ‘The low pitch setting of the four bladed propeller allowed the engine to accelerate smoothly to 3,000 rotations per minute.’
    • ‘The show consisted of nine different dances which smoothly flowed into one another, without ever repeating.’
    • ‘Normally, the ball moves smoothly in its socket on a lining of shock-absorbing articular cartilage.’
    • ‘Some roads were closed to the public to ensure that VIP vehicles could proceed smoothly to the palace.’
    • ‘It also makes roaming between access points work more smoothly.’
    • ‘It can help in the creation of attractive applications by allowing users to snap photos in rapid succession smoothly.’
    • ‘However, a nice mint herbal infusion to help the meal go down smoothly was just what the doctor ordered.’
    • ‘The result is a forested landscape combined with much bare rock and uncounted smoothly rounded boulders.’
    • ‘The mandibular condyle of the quadrate is much wider than long, and the articular surface is smoothly rounded.’
    • ‘Taking the youngster's pass, he stepped inside a defender before smoothly converting off his left foot.’
    • ‘Fortunately, traffic lights had just been installed and so such traffic as there was ran smoothly.’
    • ‘It is one of Marley's most endearing numbers, delivered in a smoothly sentimental tone.’
    • ‘The graphics are bright and colorful and everything moves smoothly.’
    • ‘He then goes into a song but the performance doesn't go smoothly.’
    • ‘File the ends slightly so they will overlap smoothly for 1/2 inch.’
    • ‘The exhibit inspired him to investigate the relationship between the shapes of wheels and the roads over which they roll smoothly.’
    • ‘The guides, which are adjustable, should center the door in the opening and allow just enough clearance for the door to slide smoothly.’
    • ‘The synthetic muscles still moved smoothly, and the abstract mirrors of the printed circuits hovered unbroken just under the surface of the flesh.’
    • ‘Written for a popular audience, the smoothly flowing narrative does not document sources and sometimes lapses into romantic and aggrandizing prose.’
    • ‘When I got it back the sights were reset and straight, the barrel was crowned smoothly at 11 degrees.’
    evenly, level, flat, flush, as flat as a pancake, horizontally
    steadily, frictionlessly, fluidly, fluently, without bumping, without jerking
    without a hitch, like clockwork, with no trouble, without difficulty, easily, effortlessly, as planned, to plan, according to plan, swimmingly, satisfactorily, very well
    suavely, urbanely, calmly, evenly, placidly
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  • 2Without problems or difficulties.

    ‘everything seemed to be going smoothly’
    • ‘Things, simply put, are not going smoothly.’
    • ‘In the beehive, the personnel changes have gone very smoothly.’
    • ‘I was there during the presidential election, which went very smoothly.’
    • ‘The Associated Farmers maintain a smoothly functioning propaganda machine.’
    • ‘You may want to do some up front work to ensure that the critique goes smoothly.’
    • ‘Staff have been trained up and we are hoping everything goes smoothly.’
    • ‘They reform their old band and hit the road but nothing goes smoothly or according to plan.’
    • ‘And in fact, things have been going really smoothly here today.’
    • ‘You are now in an ideal position to help things go as smoothly as they ever will.’
    • ‘Prior to the election, the mood between the government and opposition was confrontational, so naturally the legislative process did not proceed smoothly.’
    • ‘He had been told the same about Rangemoor; and that development was now proceeding smoothly without objection.’
    • ‘This people-to-people association allows trade and investment relationships to flow smoothly.’
    • ‘But for democracy to work smoothly voting systems have to be above suspicion.’
    • ‘The project has not gone as smoothly as hoped with a number of factors impacting on the progress of the project.’
    • ‘Let us hope that all goes smoothly from now on.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the exhibition otherwise went smoothly.’
    • ‘It unanimously passed its first reading and is ticking its way smoothly through the select committee process.’
    • ‘Be aware that this does not guarantee that everything will go smoothly in your home.’
    • ‘Julie manages the office and assists Steve and their clients so that the process of building a home runs smoothly.’
    • ‘With the Federal budget in balance and interest rates at market levels, the dollar would continue to function smoothly as the primary world currency.’