Definition of smothered mate in English:

smothered mate


mass nounChess
  • Checkmate in which the king has no vacant square to move to and is checkmated by a knight.

    • ‘A couple of weeks ago I experienced one of the ultimate dreams of a tournament chessplayer; I executed a smothered mate in an actual tournament game.’
    • ‘Problem H shows one weird effect of this - a long-range smothered mate by a lone King!’
    • ‘Both players had an opportunity for a smothered mate… within just one or two moves of each other!’
    • ‘There are some standard mating positions, like the back-row mate, smothered mate and even the specific example of this, ‘Philidor's Legacy’ - although the book reveals that it was Lucena who first published this position.’
    • ‘A smothered mate is a mate by a Knight with the victim's King completely surrounded by his own pieces (and the edge of the board).’