Definition of smudgily in English:



See smudgy

  • ‘Like Hickman's piece above, this marvelously textured and smudgily colored work manifests a simplicity of presentation with a complication of content.’
  • ‘They and other visitors certainly deserve a better selection of goods than those shown on page 38, or the smudgily printed teacloths and apron shown below.’
  • ‘Usually on yellow tracing paper, most of the visualizations are done in pencil and colored pencil, and with their sensitive lines and smudgily applied color they are undoubtedly art.’
  • ‘Both lines blurred smudgily in the direction his thumb was travelling, the pencil-line slightly more than the one he had drawn with the pen.’
  • ‘You can see, even in this book's smudgily reproduced photographs, how, almost 4,000 years ago, Egyptian hieroglyphs became adapted to the representation of sounds rather than things or ideas.’