Definition of smugly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsməɡlē/ /ˈsməɡli/


  • In a way that shows excessive satisfaction or pride in oneself.

    ‘I smiled smugly to myself’
    ‘someone smugly points out an error’
    • ‘Sooner, rather than later, library writers smugly mention their object-oriented approach.’
    • ‘I swear he gets more smugly punchable with every appearance.’
    • ‘Smugly he points out he is not the one in debt.’
    • ‘While I waited for him, slightly smugly, I found myself glancing once more at a notice board.’
    • ‘Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes smugly proclaimed, "Three generations of imbeciles are enough."’
    • ‘He somewhat smugly notes that 96 per cent of those polled believe in God or some other higher power.’
    • ‘When I told my friend about our good luck, she smugly told me it wasn't luck.’
    • ‘Defenders of cognitive behaviour therapy are sitting smugly on a mountain of their own evidence.’
    • ‘An email follows asking you to attend, smugly knowing that you have no conflicting commitments.’
    • ‘We smugly headed for disaster, confident in our abilities and worry-free because nothing had ever gone wrong before.’



/ˈsməɡlē/ /ˈsməɡli/