Definition of smush in English:


transitive verb

[with object] informal North American
  • Crush or smash.

    • ‘they smushed marshmallows in their mouths’
    • ‘Because of the wind (it's windy tonight), their hats would periodically begin to lift off their heads, so they would keep reach up to smush them down.’
    • ‘You might have read chapters before it, but I smushed the chapters together (read top of page if you didn't already) so maybe that was why you were confused.’
    • ‘I made it by enchanting some rose petals, so it's pretty fragile; I hope it gets to you without being smushed up or anything.’
    • ‘The sound emitted from the front speakers had no depth or shading; background noise and dialogue are smushed together.’
    • ‘Carly came right over to the love seat Renae and Droven were sharing and pushed Droven over so that he was smushed in the middle between Renae and her.’
    squash, squeeze, press, compress



/sməSH/ /sməʃ/


Early 19th century alteration of mush.