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adjectiveadjective smuttier, adjective smuttiest

  • (of talk, writing, or pictures) obscene or lascivious.

    ‘smutty jokes’
    • ‘Like all successful infomercials he uses sexual desire to sell his product, with the animators relishing in the opportunity to create smutty and suggestive scenes.’
    • ‘The lyrics to this very hummable song are extremely naughty, not smutty or crude, just enjoyably naughty.’
    • ‘Last year a bunch of staff at The New York Times were fired for sending ‘offensive’ and smutty emails.’
    • ‘Pushing 60 but still displaying the sensibility of a naughty schoolboy, Waters displays a real penchant for smutty innuendo and an ever growing catalogue of euphemisms.’
    • ‘The problem with every generation as they get older is to view their own childhood through rose-coloured spectacles and state quite narrow-mindedly that this current generation is smutty, disrespectful and crass.’
    vulgar, dirty, rude, filthy, crude, offensive, salacious, coarse, obscene, indecent, lewd, pornographic, X-rated, risqué, racy, broad, earthy, bawdy, Rabelaisian, spicy, suggestive, titillating, improper, naughty, indelicate, indecorous, ribald, off colour, locker-room
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/ˈsmədē/ /ˈsmədi/