Definition of snack bar in English:

snack bar


  • A place where snacks are sold.

    • ‘Planned features of Flat Land Café include a snack bar, a pool table, video game stations and a school lunch program, all in a relaxed lounge format.’
    • ‘The mob then moved on to the Viennese Café, a popular snack bar in the U.N.'s conference room facility.’
    • ‘The snack bar adjacent to the magazine stall sells soft drinks, snacks and sweets.’
    • ‘The marina itself is a very attractive building with a small snack bar and a restaurant.’
    • ‘Once inside, I was glad to see the snack bar was open and grabbed a much-needed cup of coffee.’
    • ‘People were bundled up to watch their favorite football team, and they sold hot chocolate at the snack bar during halftime.’
    • ‘Devil's Bridge is the ideal place for a stopover on a long journey, enjoying a cup of tea from the snack bar, a walk by the river and finally a trip to the toilet before setting off on the journey.’
    • ‘He said the two occasionally grabbed a sandwich in the snack bar.’
    • ‘So I met back up with OFK, spoke with the ex - while I snacked on a sandwich in the snack bar and made plans for dinner that night.’
    • ‘A BUSINESSWOMAN, who runs a roadside snack bar near Skipton, was fighting for permission to stay in business this week.’
    • ‘Begin at Sandy Gap 1 next to the beach-side snack bar (currently closed and for sale).’
    • ‘The cinema has a small snack bar and the usual cinema confectionery.’
    • ‘After a tiring stroll, visitors can be seen refreshing themselves with a soft drink or a quick bite at the small snack bar.’
    • ‘We headed over to the snack bar to return my bowling shoes and grab lunch before his mother arrived to pick us up.’
    • ‘She fills orders at Seaside Lunch, a snack bar in a trailer at the ferry landing in Tiverton.’
    • ‘We pay again at the snack bar for sandwiches and water as there is no food or drink offered.’
    • ‘At the movie-theatre snack bar you order a medium Mountain Dew.’
    • ‘I usually eat a meal before a finals, but that day I got to the bowling center about two hours before the show and just had a little something at the snack bar.’
    • ‘Expect a longer than usual lineup at the snack bar.’
    • ‘I finish shoving my stuff into my locker and decide to go to the snack bar to grab something before class because I skipped breakfast.’


snack bar