Definition of snaggletoothed in English:



See snaggletooth

  • ‘Flabby, snaggle-toothed Phil lives in a graffiti-scarred apartment block with his tense, bird-like wife Penny, his surly, overweight son Rory and his shy, overweight daughter Rachel.’
  • ‘If the teeth bothered him, it didn't show - he was constantly flashing his snaggle-toothed smile, as if daring people to point out the gaps.’
  • ‘She turned quickly, and there was bug-eyed, mullet-haired Tick standing with a smug, snaggle-toothed grin.’
  • ‘Byrd's snaggle-toothed smile and cackle is one of someone who feels she is getting away with something, who is being naughty.’
  • ‘He's goofy in a snaggle-toothed, big-grinned, trying-to-please sort of way.’