Definition of snail-paced in English:



See snail's pace

  • ‘Descend down numerous staircases behind snail-paced tourists back to the floor of St Paul's Cathedral, only to discover that the sun has now come out and the view from up top would have been tons better fifteen minutes later.’
  • ‘In the fifth inning of an already snail-paced game, Martinez pulled starter Brandon Lyon, the first in what seemed like a hundred Toronto pitching changes (in reality only six).’
  • ‘Even as construction work for the Bangalore international airport is in full swing at Devanahalli, progress on ground infrastructure to reach the airport is snail-paced.’
  • ‘The first generation of online Americans were technophiles who had enough money to acquire clunky desktops and snail-paced 14.4 modems.’
  • ‘Even if one makes profits in the stock market, the snail-paced transaction procedures may squash the on-paper profits before one gets to sell a single share.’