Definition of snailfish in English:


nounsnailfish, snailfishes

  • A small fish of cool or cold seas, with loose gelatinous skin and typically a ventral sucker.

    Liparis and other genera, family Cyclopteridae: several species, including L. liparis of the North Atlantic

    • ‘In these extreme northern latitudes of Baffin Bay, bycatch consisted primarily of gelatinous snailfish, Arctic skate, and four-beard rockling.’
    • ‘Liparid snailfish in the genus Careproctus extrude eggs through an anteriorly positioned ovipositor into the branchial chambers of large lithodid crabs.’
    • ‘This showy snailfish lacks the purple stripes displayed by other specimens.’
    • ‘A single-eyed immature male round snailfish Careproctus roseofuscus with length of 331 mm and weight of 650 g was caught in the Pacific waters off the northern Kurile Islands in September 2000.’
    • ‘Many snailfishes have large eggs and very low fecundities which would suggest some form of parental care.’