Definition of snake fence in English:

snake fence

(also snake-rail fence)


North American
  • A fence made of roughly split rails or poles joined in a zigzag pattern with their ends crossing.

    • ‘The roads are much improved, and snake-rail fences have been replaced with barbed wire.’
    • ‘A big advantage of the snake fences was that they could be moved but I guess after a while they were considered a waste of space and got converted to straight rail like ours.’
    • ‘Nowadays, the old cedar snake fences have been replaced on most working farms by electric fences, or various kinds of wire.’
    • ‘Eventually post-and-rail fences began to displace snake fences because they required less timber and wasted less land; however, they were far more labor intensive to build.’
    • ‘His proposal also calls for clear-cutting the overgrown remnant of a 30-acre cornfield that figured prominently in the battle, and installing a 500-foot snake fence along a historic fenceline.’