Definition of snakebark maple in English:

snakebark maple


  • A maple tree with longitudinal pale stripes on the bark.

    Genus Acer, family Aceraceae: several species, in particular A. davidii (of eastern Asia) and the moosewood

    • ‘The David Maple is widely considered to be the most attractive of the stribebark or snakebark maples.’
    • ‘A wonderful addition to the Japanese-inspired garden are snakebark maples whose striped green bark looks like garter snakes.’
    • ‘There are trees with beautiful barks such as snakebark maples and birches, and species that will thrive in containers, hollies, bay laurel and dwarf conifers.’
    • ‘The snakebark maples are named for their white striped bark which becomes rough and cracked with age.’
    • ‘As with many of the snakebark maples, this tree is well suited for shady sites but needs care during establishment, if damaged or stressed it may suffer from canker.’