Definition of Snakeboard in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsnākˌbôrd/ /ˈsneɪkˌbɔrd/


  • A type of skateboard consisting of two footplates joined by a bar, allowing for greater speed and maneuverability than with a standard skateboard.

    • ‘The park will be free to the public and will allow skateboards, bikes, roller blades, scooters, snakeboards and more.’
    • ‘Sports equipment which can be fitted to the feet, for example in-line skates, roller skates, grass skis, skateboards, snakeboards or sports boots are very popular.’
    • ‘Cycles, wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, skates, snakeboards, etc are all welcome to be used in the park but please be considerate of other park users and pedestrian only areas.’
    • ‘Freeline skates are a lot like snakeboards except without the bar; the result is the motion.’
    • ‘This is the board I used to ride and is the choice of many others too, it is the most popular board due to the fact that it is a great free style snakeboard, with a very hard core bar and metal trucks, it's one of the best snakeboardssnakeboard has made and one of the best streetboards around.’


1990s blend of snake and skateboard.



/ˈsnākˌbôrd/ /ˈsneɪkˌbɔrd/