Definition of snap-brim in English:



  • (of a hat) with a brim that can be turned up and down at opposite sides.

    • ‘I decided that soggy cotton was the greater of two evils, and soon I was clad in multipocketed, button-up-sleeved synthetic shirts, megapocketed vests, board-stiff cargo trousers, snap-brim hats - the works.’
    • ‘‘A few old and long-forgotten black guys made a few bucks by putting on the required act,’ he writes, while the sharp suits and snap-brim hats they had worn with such style were notably absent.’
    • ‘His eyes stare out from under the roller-coaster contours of a snap-brim hat.’
    • ‘The last transgression forced Carew himself to slip into a retro suit topped with snap-brim fedora and pencil-on mustache to make a cameo appearance in one video set in the '30s.’
    • ‘It was a snap-brim fedora with a nicely creased crown.’