Definition of snap back in English:

snap back

phrasal verb

  • Recover quickly and easily from an illness or period of difficulty.

    ‘our bodies can snap back pretty well from short-term bouts of stress’
    • ‘Quickly he snaps back into reality recognizing he is not asking for his bride's hand in marriage, but burying her.’
    • ‘Shaking her head quickly, and snapping back into reality, she reverted her attention back at her opponent.’
    • ‘Slowly, Rae came around, shaking her head quickly and snapping back to reality.’
    • ‘There was a pounding at the front door, and Dizzy quickly snapped back to reality.’
    • ‘At the thought of battle, she quickly snapped back to reality and pushed the glass away.’
    • ‘The falls of the past two-and-a-half years have been too savage and prolonged for confidence to snap back quickly, even if the economy were to pick up.’
    • ‘December shook her head and snapped back to reality as the bell rang to let fifth period end.’
    • ‘I snap back to reality and try the machines in the student computer cluster.’