Definition of snap bean in English:

snap bean


North American
  • A bean of a variety grown for its edible pods.

    • ‘Extend your harvest into fall by planting second crops of short-season vegetables, such as snap beans, peas, greens, radishes, cole crops, and turnips later in the season so they mature after you harvest the first crop.’
    • ‘Unlike dry beans, snap beans are eaten as flavorful, fleshy green pods.’
    • ‘These are snap beans right here; we plant about an acre each week and there are eleven varieties, one of which is a baby haricot vert.’
    • ‘Middle to late August is a good time to plant carrots, beets, snap beans and lettuce.’
    • ‘Usually considered a fresh shelling or dry bean, young pods also can be eaten as snap beans, sliced and added to salads, or steamed whole and added to any meat or poultry dish.’


Late 18th century so named because the pods are broken into pieces to be eaten.