Definition of snap hook in English:

snap hook

Pronunciation /ˈsnap ˌho͝ok/ /ˈsnæp ˌhʊk/


  • A hook with a spring allowing the entrance but preventing the escape of a cord, key ring, etc.

    • ‘I have a boat hook and gaff (rarely used) positioned on snap hooks that are screwed in to the glassed-in gunnel supports on the inside of the left hand gunnel.’
    • ‘Once the bottle is reached, the tail from the bottle with the snap link tied is found, and the loop of nylon (the eight - to-ten pound weak link) is attached.’
    • ‘A lead, normally of 1 to 1.5 ounces is attached to the leger bead with a small snap link.’
    • ‘The grafts were mounted onto steel cables and snap hooks in the load frame using either the holes in the tibial diaphysis or tendon graft loops.’
    • ‘The wire, which I obtain from Harris Angling, is twisted with a twiddling stick after passing the wire twice through the eye of the swivel or snap link.’


snap hook

/ˈsnap ˌho͝ok/ /ˈsnæp ˌhʊk/