Definition of snap out of in English:

snap out of

phrasal verb

  • often in imperative Get out of (a bad or unhappy mood) by a sudden effort.

    ‘come on, Fran—snap out of it!’
    • ‘Look, I'm making an effort to snap out of the epic sulk brought on by all this.’
    • ‘Ashley snaps out of her mood and answers, ‘Sometimes I guess.’’
    • ‘‘Alright,’ she agreed, snapping out of her brief mood lapse.’
    • ‘Neil snapped out of his slightly angry mood and smiled at the tone of her voice.’
    • ‘Then all of a sudden Torrine seemed to snap out of his trance and turned back to staring melancholy at the twirling couples.’
    • ‘Now, though, it is time to snap out of plum pudding-induced lethargy and get your neural circuits sparking again.’
    • ‘Something that seems strange to other people: occasionally he raises his voice all of a sudden, without rhyme or reason, as if snapping out of a daydream, and announces that if any man knows Paris, inside and out, it's him!’
    • ‘‘Oh,’ Matt said, snapping out of what thoughts he was thinking.’
    • ‘Maybe if they started up a conversation and tried to involve him, he'd snap out of whatever trance he was in.’
    • ‘Jalg however, seemed to snap out of whatever daze he was in and began to taunt her.’
    recover, recover control of oneself, regain control of oneself, recover control of one's emotions, regain control of one's emotions, recover one's composure, regain one's composure, recover one's calm, regain one's calm, recover one's self-control, regain one's self-control, get a grip on oneself, get a hold on oneself, take a grip on oneself, take a hold on oneself, pull oneself together, get over it, become one's old self, get better, cheer up, become cheerful, perk up