Definition of snapdragon in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsnapˌdraɡən/ /ˈsnæpˌdræɡən/

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  • A plant of the figwort family, bearing spikes of brightly colored two-lobed flowers that gape like a mouth when a bee lands on the curved lip.

    Genus Antirrhinum, family Scrophulariaceae: several species, in particular the widely cultivated A. majus

    ‘There are a number of cool-season vegetables to plant, along with flowers such as dianthus, petunias, snapdragons and violas.’
    • ‘Plant several poppies as your tall center flowers, then add colorful snapdragons or blue salvia, candytuft, pansies, and sweet alyssum or Dusty Miller to fill out your container.’
    • ‘Seed sowing is well under way now, especially for plants like snapdragons and pansies which germinate early and take time to grow to a decent size.’
    • ‘Bilaterally symmetrical flowers, such as snapdragons and sweet peas, have distinctive upper and lower petals and are therefore asymmetric from top to bottom.’
    • ‘Children also like anything with a tactile element - snapdragons they can gently open and close, and foxgloves, which are just the right size for small fingers.’