Definition of sneakbox in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsnēkbäks/ /ˈsnikbɑks/


  • A small, flat boat masked with brush or weeds, used in wildfowl hunting.

    • ‘Once the sneakbox was in the water it could be rowed using oars, sailed or moved by its outboard motor.’
    • ‘He quickly slipped that rope and felt the board grab as the sneakbox righted itself again.’
    • ‘The sneakbox has been time tested for almost two centuries, and used as intended she can be fully trusted.’
    • ‘Next to it were the beginnings of a new sneakbox being built as part of a boatbuilding class run by the Seaport.’
    • ‘In shape the new cruiser resembles the old sneakboxes, but is deeper than most of the latter.’
    • ‘There is a vast difference between a sneakbox and jonboats.’
    • ‘Duck hunters normally put out decoys in open water, then row upwind and anchor their sneakbox.’
    • ‘The show emphasizes working and antique decoys, model boats, sneakbox building, and waterfowling on the Barnegat Bay.’
    • ‘Drier and more seaworthy than the sneakbox, the melon seed is better suited for use in the choppy waters of New Jersey's bays.’
    • ‘The show features local artists and carvers and has some fun contests like duck and goose calling, decoy rigs, whittling, and model sneakboxes.’
    • ‘Shipbuilding continued throughout the century but the type of vessel that was being built changed from sloops and schooners to smaller catboats, garveys, and sneakboxes.’



/ˈsnēkbäks/ /ˈsnikbɑks/