Definition of sneck in English:


Pronunciation /snek/ /snɛk/


Scottish, Northern English
  • A latch on a door or window.

    ‘she quietly lifted the sneck and slipped out’
    • ‘‘Then again, some old maid's door will be slily fastened by tying tightly across the door jambs, in front of and to the ‘sneck’, a piece of wood to prevent her coming out of doors till released by a kind neighbour next morning.’’
    • ‘After a good helping of steak and ale pie washed down with a pint of ‘sneck lifter’ at lunch time personally, I was full.’
    fastening, catch, fastener

transitive verb

[with object]Scottish, Northern English
  • Close or fasten (a door or window) with a latch.

    ‘sneck the door and hide under the bed when they come’
    • ‘Before going to bed I barred the front door and snecked the door of our apartment.’
    • ‘He snecks his door to ward off harm.’
    • ‘A click told him that the door had been snecked against him.’
    bolt, lock, fasten, padlock, secure, latch, deadlock, block, barricade, obstruct


Middle English obscurely related to snatch.



/snek/ /snɛk/