Definition of sneezeweed in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsnēzˌwēd/ /ˈsnizˌwid/


  • A yellow-flowered North American plant of the daisy family, with turned-back rays and a globular disk. Some kinds are toxic to grazing animals and some are used medicinally, especially by North American Indians, in the treatment of colds.

    Genus Helenium, family Compositae: several species, including H. autumnale

    • ‘In September and October, purple hardy asters, backed with golden sneezeweed and ‘Taiyo’ sunflowers, create a dazzling picture.’
    • ‘Some other wildflowers are white-flowered bog orchid, California grass-of-Parnassus, Sierra gentian, Plumas alpine aster, western sneezeweed, and the highly toxic western water hemlock.’
    • ‘One vulnerable species, a plant called the Virginia sneezeweed, was known only from Virginia until a population was discovered in Missouri in 1960.’
    • ‘An orange sneezeweed finds itself supported by the chevroned leaves of a companion.’
    • ‘The yellow-green disk at the center of the flowers is a distinguishing mark for sneezeweed.’



/ˈsnēzˌwēd/ /ˈsnizˌwid/