Definition of sneezewort in English:



  • A Eurasian plant related to the yarrow, whose dried leaves induce sneezing.

    Achillea ptarmica, family Compositae

    • ‘The other was a decoction of green sneezewort, which was also declared to be excellent in some way or other.’
    • ‘The drawing of the sneezewort plant has been presented to you in one dimension.’
    • ‘Sneezewort, milkwort and lousewort were not noticed in 1999 but sneezewort had returned in 2000, perhaps due to cattle grazing and winter management, i.e bramble clearance.’
    • ‘Plants to look out for include sneezewort, meadow thistle, petty whin, pale dogviolet, early purple and heath spotted orchids.’
    • ‘The double sneezeworts (A. Ptarmica plenissima and A. serrata plena) are very fine and floriferous subjects for a border; they grow one or two feet high, with single stems, narrow lanceolate leaves, and heads in terminal corymbs.’